Lets Get Personal

Meet Allison Krukoski

HEY FRIEND!  I am so glad you stopped by.  Let’s sit on the porch swing for a bit and I will tell you a little bit about myself and Southern Stitch by Allison.  

I am a Carolina girl from birth.  I have curly, auburn hair, I LOVE coffee, pineapples, my amazing family and I enjoy traveling.  I have been all over the world, met some pretty incredible people and have bought some beautiful fabrics along the way.  Now my family and I live in the great state of Texas.  I like to garden, enjoy being outside, love the sound of my porch windchimes and thank God for every day. 

Southern Stitch was inspired by my 2 grandmothers and my mom.  Both of my grandmothers were master seamstresses who worked for Singer Sewing Company in Newport News, Virginia decades ago, well before I was even thought of.  Growing up, I would stand beside my mom as she created beautiful things using her mothers antique wooden table top Singer.  She would make dresses and jumpers for my sister and I.  My mom even made our junior bridesmaid dresses for our oldest sister’s wedding. They were white satin dresses, that had puffy sleeves and peach ribbon trim. I always quietly admired my grandmothers and my mom for their skills and hard work over the years.  Little did I know what an impact that simple, yet overlooked, skill would have on my life and I am so thankful for it.

I started sewing by hand when I was 20, shortly after getting married.  My husband surprised me with my first Singer sewing machine some years later.  I still hand sew some, on specialty items, but enjoy the time saving route of my machine. In the summer of 2016, I was daydreaming about making beautiful things on my Singer, alongside my Mamaw Iris and my Granny Faye, who have been gone for years.  I could see their smiles and smell the warm summer air of the windows being open.  These women were both Southern yet very different, and could stitch anything they laid eyes on. So the name stuck: Southern Stitch!  My mom is still with us and doing good.  She doesn’t sew anymore, but does get to enjoy what she taught me, through the aprons she wears, handmade Christmas stockings and my very first wall quilt. 

Southern Stitch By Allison isn’t just a company that creates unique items for everyday life, it’s a legacy that I am proud of. 

Allison Krukoski


Ministries I’m Passionate About

The Lord has given me so many opportunities in my life to serve Him through mission outreach. Here are three ministries I am passionate about and I want to encourage you to get involved. 


Springs Of Life Camp is a summer camp and retreat facility nestled in the beautiful mountains of Patrick Springs, Virginia.  I grew up going to this amazing, fun, adventurous camp every summer.  During my high school years, I became a summer staffer and that is where I met my husband. Not only is Springs Of LIfe a getaway from everyday schedules, it’s where life gets back to the basics and life change happens.  Visit the camp website and learn all about camp life, alumni central, group retreats. Reach out to the directors Chris and Amanda Hughes.


In 2009, a turn of events took place with my family. God sent my husband I on a 20 day journey in Kenya, Africa, to meet a gentleman named Anthony Msongo. We had no idea what the Lord had in His will for us, but we are so thankful we obeyed his calling all those years ago. Eden-Gumbesi Center is an international non-profit that educates, advocates and meets the needs of the vulnerable in the village of Gumbesi, in Kenya and nearby areas. God is still doing a great work there through Anthony and his wife Lucy.  Visit their website and become a prayer partner, a donor, or you can sponsor a child. 


Sew Very Loved is a ministry I am currently serving with through short term mission trips throughout the year.  I am so blessed to serve as a co-director, alongside my dear friend Renee, who is a director. We serve under Tammy Titus, the founder of Sew Very Loved.  This ministry takes mission teams of women to countries around the globe to teach women life skills. Our teams host week long classes teaching sewing, crocheting, jewelry making and how God can change their life. Check out our website for more information and learn how you can get involved.