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About Southern Stitch


Life in every stitch.

There is something special about hand made things, especially when they are passed down through generations. Whether it’s wrapping up in a handcrafted quilt from 70 years ago or finding that 1940’s apron in your granny’s cedar trunk. Those household treasures take us back to memories of our childhood and can also help create new ones. This is what Southern Stitch is all about.

When my son and daughter were toddlers, I started sewing projects for people. Sewing was a hobby and an outlet for me. I can remember making curtains and aprons for ‘local customers’ and they were all sewn by hand. Whew! Now years later, I am so thankful for my trusty sewing machines. LOL  

In 2016, the name Southern Stitch was born.  Five years of very hard work, countless projects and too many spools of thread later, Southern Stitch By Allison became a business.  It really is a dream come true and I am so thankful I didn’t give up on that dream.  God is so good.

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Allison Krukoski

Founder & Owner of Southern Stitch By Allison


Are you working on a sewing project?  Have you made something crafty and want to share it with me?  I would Love to see your creative handiwork!  Feel free to email me and tell me about it and where you are from.  We all have a story to tell, and we can tell our stories one stitch at a time. 

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Designed To Last

When choosing materials for Southern Stitch merchandise, quality is at the forefront.  Every piece of fabric and spool of thread is hand selected. With every cut of the fabric and in every stitch, there is precision and thought. Southern Stitch By Allison strives to provide beautifully handcrafted items that are meant to last through the years and enjoyed for generations.



The Allie Apron: The Signature

The first apron that was designed and created by Southern Stitch was the Allie Apron.  Allie, short for Allison, was a childhood nickname. The apron name stuck and so did the design. The apron needed to be easy to make, comfortable to wear and very durable. As the years went on, ‘eyeballing’ the measurements felt natural, like adding a pinch of salt to a delicious recipe.  Many designs and styles have been added to the collection, but the Allie Apron is always a winner. It has become the Signature apron for Southern Stitch By Allison.